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The Rambling Massage Therapist...

If you know me, you know I'm better with my hands than my words. 

So I've arranged an organized space where I attempt to cohesively share my thoughts. 

My First Blog Entry

October 12, 2020

Hello and welcome! Some things to know about me. I am a constant rambler that jumps from topic to topic and often find myself at a loss for words when asked a question on the spot. But I know things! I promise. I wanted to start a blog so I could have a place where I could organize these thoughts and form cohesive answers to my clients most common asked questions. So thank you for checking this out and I hope you find what you're looking for, or at the very least some entertainment. :-)

For my first topic, and something that I will no doubt touch upon time and time again, I wanted to discuss what I consider my massage mission. Sounds important! I assure you, it is.

 It consists of reconfiguring everything you know of massage therapy. When you're friend, family member, co-worker, acquaintance says to you "I have a massage appointment later this week." Is your first thought one of the following:

* Lucky!  I wish I had free time in my schedule.

* Wow, must be nice to have no responsibilities. 

* What's it like to have a free hour you can spend doing nothing?

*Why would you waste your time/money having someone rub oil all over you?

Or something along these lines?  I bet I've come very close. This goes along with the stigma of Massage Therapy being a luxury that only people with copious amounts of free time partake in. 

What I want to do is get you out of that mindset. I want you to see past all the preconceived notions and straight to what Massage Therapy actually is. It's preventative care. It's taking stock in your health and wellness so that you can be a better employee, business owner, parent, athlete ect. It's an integral part in your wellbeing. It is not only for when you get so stressed you find yourself wearing your shoulders as earrings, when your muscles are so tense you end up with an injury, when you build up so much tension your head is on the verge of exploding. It's to be used on a regular basis to avoid all of that. Massage therapy on a regular basis keeps your muscles relaxed, increases your range of motion and maintains a level of flexibility to prevent injury. 

Think of it along the same lines as attending your annual physical (which I hope you do! If not, call your PCP and schedule one today.). You shouldn't wait to schedule this appointment when you're suffering from some unknown symptom, you go to maintain your health and wellbeing. Same thing with Massage. Utilize it as a tool in your wellness arsenal. 

This is definitely a topic I could ramble on about incessantly.  The importance of massage therapy medically speaking is highly unspoken of. We'll get there though. If I can change even one persons point of view on this subject I consider that a step in the right direction. 

The fact that you've made it this far leads me to believe that possibly that person is you?